YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people under the care and protection of the Department of Child Safety within South East Queensland.

YLO (Residential Care Services)

YLO (Residential Care Services) was established in March 2008 and serves as a non-government, privately owned service provider. The company currently operates within South East Queensland providing residential care to children and young people under the care and protection of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

YLO (Residential Care Services) residential programs operate under a therapeutic model of care. Therapeutic residential care moves beyond the basic provision of daily care and support and aims to bring about goal-directed and clinically significant change within the lives of children and young people. Therapeutic residential care provides reparative learning experiences within daily life, where each moment brings about opportunities for learning, development and growth.

Within YLO (Residential Care Services) residential care programs, children and young people are able to overcome their trauma and identify pathways for their lives, gain responsibility for choices in their life, which in turn create options for success.

“Lifestyle Pathways, Lifestyle Choices, Lifestyle Options”


To provide restorative experiences of care for children and young people that promote recovery, development and growth to maximise their potential for success and future lifestyle options.


  • To provide predictable, safe and supportive care environments
  • To enhance learning opportunities for children and young people in preparation for transition to their next care environment
  • To provide behavioural, social and emotional intervention to children and young people as part of their trauma recovery
  • To work collaboratively with stakeholders to create consistent and supportive experiences of care in which to “hold” children and young people
  • To provide a shift in the way in which residential care is viewed


  • Assisting children and young people in the development of skills within all areas of their life
  • Providing opportunities and environments conducive to children and young people making positive and appropriate choices for their lives
  • Generating a child or young person’s sense of responsibility and mastery over their life
  • Enhancing children and young people’s strengths and building resilience
  • Open communication, transparency and a team work approach
  • Connections to self, others and the community
  • To educate and to be educated


  • Child Centred Practice
  • Therapeutic Parenting Approach
  • Assessment Based Individualised Care
  • Goal Directed and Evidence Based Practice
  • Self-Reflective Practice
  • Cultural Responsivity
  • Attunement
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration